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What have I learned ?

I’ve finished porting my AR Game prototype to Symbian 9.* (Nokia N95 and like).
OK, what have I learned ?
1. 300+ Mhz CPU is quite enough for multimarker-tracking based AR.
2. Floating point and fixed point calculations. First version was for Symbian 7.0s, without hardware floating point support, so I tried to make exposure to floating point minimal. As result, on the Nokia N95, which have floating point (VFP) I don’t see any difference in performance between software floating point version and hardware floating point.
3. Symbian platform fragmentation strike again. The game run on the Nokia N95 (s60 FP1, Symbian 9.2), but 9.2 version refuse to run on the Nokia N96 (s60 FP2, Symbian 9.3) Ironically 9.1 version is running on N96.
4. Use optimization ! performance difference between O3 and no optimization is huge.(I use GCCE compiler)

22, October, 2008 Posted by | Augmented Reality, Coding AR, Nokia N95 | , | 3 Comments