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I’ve been seen some RjDj videos This audio augmented reality is really impressive. I’m wondering what effect would have tying together audio and 3d input into single augmented environment.

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Reception – first imppression

First reception of the demo is positive. It seems generally users have no problems with concepts of fiduciary markers and keeping them in the camera frame. Mostly people want more stuff and gameplay, as always, but seems there is no problem with usability. Well, of cause there is problem of Nokia platform fragmentation, but that is not exactly AR related. Well, it could be. Mobile AR applications are CPU hungry, and that force them to squeeze device hardware to its extreme. Which make AR apps especially vulnerable to platform fragmentation. I’ve already mentioned strange problem with N96 in previews post.
The concept of tabletop marker-based game seems viable.
The main question is, how to bring more real-world interaction into game ?
Right now we have phone as 3d mouse and small objects scanned and placed into game.
Make markers movable ? Wouldn’t it hinder gameplay ? Scan surface of the table and use it as game “terrain”, with game physics properties imported from real table surface/objects ?
Questions, questions…

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