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Hands detection

Being doing some reading on hands/skin detection. Most of methods, even “fast” are computationally heavy and would hardly suit for modern mobiles real-time. Well may be for highest end mobile 500+ Mhz some would work, if cpu doing nothing else. Looks like for 300+ Mhz, with a lot of other stuff going one have to improvise something not quite robust.

24, October, 2008 - Posted by | Augmented Reality, Mobile | ,


  1. Could the computation be done in the cloud so the mobile would be just a pipe for sending unprocessed data and recieving the result for display?

    Comment by Peder Burgaard | 30, December, 2008

  2. You would have to send every second/third camera frame to server. Modern mobile broadband often have high latency, which would kill real-time app. Random spikes in server load wouldn’t help either.

    Comment by mirror2image | 31, December, 2008

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