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Marker based augmented reality on CNN

Net is buzzing about CNN hologram at election night. What this tech really is the augmented reality + 3D imaging technology. CNN had 35 cameras in a ring at Obama headquarter to capture Jessica Yellin image from any possible 2D direction, with angle delta small enough not to be noticeable. After correct frame was picked up it was inserted into main videoframe. It seems to me the red circle on the floor was used for positioning of the image, as fiduciary marker. If you pay attention to the last part of the video you can see that Jessica “float” a little over the circle. That is because the circle is not the best choice for the marker. Square is probably the best fiduciary marker possible. It have distinctive corner, which could have subpixel accuracy, because they calculated as intersection of linearized square sides, and it produce third dimension axis easily, as cross product of cross products its sides.

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