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Nintendo DSi and Augmented Reality

It seems Nintendo DSi could be a good platform for AR. It already include video-processing AR-like tools, which have color or texture segmentation and some feature detection, though feature detection doesn’t seem especially stable, as could be seen on this video.
Most interesting thing though is DSi new CPU. bunniestudios.com report: “I can tell the CPU is substantially beefed up (consistent with reports of the DSi battery life being shorter than the DS-lite, despite having similar battery capacities…)” If DSi really have around 300Mhz CPU you can expect about the same performance as Nokia N95 for image registration. So my AR demos would have little quality loss for DSi comparing with N95. Lack of 3d accelerator for DSi would hurt of cause.

PS Nintendo DSi and Augmented Reality revisited

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  1. It looks interesting, but I don’t see any indication of feature tracking or detection here. It appears that all of these demos are using image processing tricks, and requiring the person to line up regions on the screen with things in the image.

    That’s not to say that won’t be fun, but it still doesn’t appear to be much in the AR sense.

    Comment by Blair MacIntyre | 12, November, 2008

  2. […] looks like there are more reports on the DSi and it’s camera.  There is the potential for AR games here, but the big worry is […]

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  3. @ Blair
    If you are talking about DSi demo the thing with ears and whiskers is most probably done with feature tracking.
    If you are talking about my demo I indeed don’t use feature tracking, but rectangle tracking instead. And I reiterate, 300Mhz smartphone is enough to run tracker, game itself and simple OpenGL graphics. Of cause N95 which I use now have 3d accelerator, but my demo also run, albeit not so spectacular on the old Nokia 6600 , with 107Mhz CPU and without 3d acceleration (check here). I think DSi is definitely more powerful than 107 mhz ARM.

    Comment by mirror2image | 12, November, 2008

  4. I’m highly skeptical the CPU is beefed up.
    Nintendo wouldnt want the split the market by having DS’s with different core specs.

    Its more likely battarys are down due to the confirmed bigger,brighter screen, and wifi.
    It does have a bit more internal ram, though. (as Opera browser confirms).

    Comment by Darkflame | 13, November, 2008

  5. Bannie confirm that some DSi camera minigames actually tracking face/head

    Comment by mirror2image | 13, November, 2008

  6. The Dsi Camera looks actually more impressive than I imagined it would be.
    Saw some shots taken using the camera and was pleasantly surprised.

    Comment by Peter Mitchell | 9, March, 2009

  7. DSi is effectively DS2, theres not a cpu upgrade THERE’S A SYSTEM UPGRADE i.e both cpus and the system as a whole is DOUBLE CLOCKED

    ds= 33mhz arm 7 & 67mhz arm 9 with 4 mb ram

    DSi= 66mhz arm 7 & 133mhz arm 9 with 16mb ram (nintendo also confirm more efficient/effective performance) DSi only bigger faster game carts are coming and dsi premium games via download………….

    3x ds graphics YUM


    ITS A DS 2

    Comment by wiiboy101 | 6, April, 2009

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