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Marker-based AR application and games could be viable.

Blair MacIntyre written in his blog that he consider markers for AR to be a “prop”: “As soon as your start requiring props, that makes the games less portable … a conundrum to be sure.” Whoever it could be that marker-based AR games/app are not actually so bad.
Edge report that “79 percent [of those polled say] they use their portable device in-home, far more than any other location.”
The interesting thing that in-door marker-based tracking have no disadvantages comparing with markerless. Markers could be easily placed on any flat surface, or taped/pinned to vertical surface. Most of surfaces are at the right angles, so one can even make easy to track non-planar multimaker arrangement – like putting markers both on the table and the adjacent wall. In some cases, like on smooth uniform surfaces only marker-based tracker can actually work, markerless would just fail there. Of cause markereless tracking is more scientifically impressive and fun to develop, but marker-based works right now )))
From business point of view marker based apps and games can provide interesting opportunity – non-intrusive mobile advertising. Instead of pushing ad into the face of the user, on the screen, occupying precious screen real estate, ad or logo can be put on the marker itself. That way it remain both highly visible and non-annoying. Different ad bearing markers could be keyed to different content units, thus providing ads rotation.

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