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Bing vs Google for augmented reality and computer vision

I’m using Google a lot for my work, looking for articles, unknown to me definitions and techniques and so on. So I’ve decided to check Microsoft Bing too.
First test – augmented reality
Google – definition in the first line, links give pretty comprehensive coverage for beginner
Bing – four obscure links with job and phd references

Second test – MSER definition
Google – give definition in the first line
Bing – unrelated garbage

Third test – preserving symmetry in cholesky decomposition
Google result
Bing result
Similar results. Both engines relay on the wikipedia heavily

Forth test: “multiscale segmentation”
Google result
Bing result
Surprisingly I like Bing results better.

Google engine seems have more “common sense” and more useful for introduction into subject. Could be because of bigger indexed base.
Bing could be actually useful in specific searches.

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  1. Interesting results. I will be using both SE’s for a while to see what the results are for each. The competition is good and I do believe given time that Microsoft’s Bing can equal Google, simply for the fact that I have never seen Microsoft lose anything yet!


    Comment by optimiseit | 15, June, 2009

  2. Google’s strength is their 10-years experience in semantic indexing: they don’t just index the pages, but also how other resources link to them. Also as far as I understand, they also have some manually set preferences, like Wikipedia title match gets the higher rank.

    Well, if you compare it to Cuirl.com, Bing is not too bad… But hard to say how far they are from the good old Altavista.

    Comment by Stanislav Sinyagin | 15, June, 2009

  3. it was Cuil.com :)

    Comment by Stanislav Sinyagin | 15, June, 2009

  4. Here is some ironic pictures about the comparsion of the two search engine.


    Comment by Mr.Andrews | 19, June, 2009

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