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Zen of debugging

Shenxiu produce gatha:

The project is a source tree,
the code a standing mirror bright.
At all times polish it diligently,
and let no bugs crawl.

When a fra passed the rice mill chanting Shenxiu’s gatha, Huineng immediately knew this verse lacked true insight. He went to the wall, and asked a avout there to write a gatha of his own for him. The avout was surprised, “How extraordinary! You can not write assembly code, and you want to compose a gatha?” Whereupon Huineng said, “If you seek supreme enlightenment, do not slight anyone. Lowly java programmers may have great insights, and assembly coders may commit foolish acts.” In veneration, the avout wrote Huineng’s gatha on the wall for him, next to Shenxiu’s, which stated:

Project has no tree,
nor is the the code a standing mirror bright.
Since all is originally empty,
where does the bugs appear?

Huineng then went back to rice pounding. However, this gatha created a bigger stir; everyone was saying, “Amazing! You can’t judge a person by his looks! Maybe he will become a Living Saunt soon!” However, when the alarmed Hongren came out, he just casually said, “This hasn’t seen the essential nature either,” and proceeded to wipe the gatha off with his shoe.

Huineng refactoring code
Huineng refactoring code

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