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Computer vision accelerator in FPGA for smartphone

Tony Chun form Intel integrated platform research group talk about “methodology” of putting computer vision algorithm(or speech recognition) into hardware. He specifically mention smartphone and mobile augmented reality. Tony suggest that this accelerator should be programmable, with some software language to make it flexible. It’s not clear if he is talking about FPGA prototype, or putting FPGA into smartphone. Idea to use FPGA chip for mobile CV task is not new, for example in this LinkedIn discussion Stanislav Sinyagin suggested some specific hardware to play with.

Thanks artimes.rouli.net for pointing this one.

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  1. I’ve got this board at home. If you have the knowledge about the algorithms that could be used, we could run some research project. I think I’ll be able to spend around 5 hours a week on that.

    Comment by Stanislav Sinyagin | 7, July, 2009

  2. Have to think about it. May try something simple for start, like FAST + some fixed point descriptor. I’ll contact you at LinkedIn then/if I’ll have something more specific.

    Comment by mirror2image | 7, July, 2009

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