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Fake Style at Cosmic Variance

From comments to Fake Stile

Ahmed say:
– It is not always clear what emotions the author is trying to communicate, and that sucks. Smileys/emoticons can help here. For e.g., “This is problematic :) ” can mean the problem is finally resolving some bigger issue. “This confirms X :( ” means a problem is persisting. The smileys will serve as guiding points in the storyline of a paper, so we don’t have to read all of it.

Moving from style to more general regulations:

– Every paper not within the technical grasp of a good undergrad in physics/math/similar should be accompanied with a sister-paper explaining it to (at minimum) such an audience. Just to make sure the author (and the committee!) actually knows what’s going on. String theorists can of course just write an apology or something.

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