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Vizux intoduce some serious Augmented Reality eyewear.

Via Marketwire.Here it is, Wrap 920AR:
Wrap 930AR
* 1/3-inch wide VGA Digital Image Sensor
* Resolution: 752H x 480W per lens
* Frame rate: 60 fps
* High-speed USB 2.0
* some kind of 6DoF tracker (probably 3-axis accelerometer and/or e-compass, I don’t have hopes for gyroscope)
* Supported by Vuzix Software Developer Program
$799.99, expected availability is 2nd quarter of 2010.
The Wrap 920AR’s stereo camera assembly and 6-DoF Tracker will also be available separately for upgrading existing Wrap video eyewear. Here is Wrap 920AR at vizux homepage

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  1. Awesome! Now, clearly, the display+camera tech is more advanced than the pocket hardware required to process the data, and the algorithms required to have an ARspace without the use of meta-tags, but we’re getting there!

    Comment by Yūko Okonogi | 7, January, 2010

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