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Samsung SARI 1.5 Augmented Reality SDK is out in the wild

Something I did for Samsung (kernel of tracker). Biggest improvement in SARI 1.5 is the sensors fusion, which allow for a lot more robust tracking.
Here is example of run-time localization and mapping with SARI 1.5:

This is the AR EdiBear game (free in Samsung apps store)

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  1. Hello, may I look at this?

    Comment by tysovsky | 28, January, 2012

  2. Eduard Ochs adress (eduard.oks@samsung.com) is not available anymore…”Recipient address rejected: User unknown” Is there any other chance to test SARI ? Thanks

    Comment by sdecker | 26, March, 2012

  3. The situation is now like this: Yaniv Shaked now in charge of SDK. If you want to try it you have to agree to use it only on Samsung phones, through Samsung App store and sign all kind of NDA and whatnot. If you still want to try you can contact Yaniv by mail yaniv.s (the rest is as in eduard’s mail(samsung domain))

    Comment by mirror2image | 26, March, 2012

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