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Testing SURF-based detectors

I have tested several modification of SURF, using original SURF Hessian, extremum of SURF-based Laplacian, Hessian-Laplace – extremum both Hessian and Laplacian and minimal eigenvalue of Hessian. They all give about the same detection rate, but original SURF Hessian give better results. Minimal eigenvalue of Hessian seems better scaling with threshold value – original Hessian absolute value could be very low, but eigenvalues are not. So this approach may have some advantage if there are potential precision loss problem, for example in fixed point calculations. A lot of high-end mobile phones still launched without hardware floating point so it still could be useful in AR or Computer Vision applications.

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Markerless tracking

I’ve started experimenting with markerless tracking. I’ve captured several cityscape image sequences and processed them with SURF detector. I’ve used Nokia N95 viewfinder frames. Here descriptors were oriented:
Nokia N95 SURF
There are some corresponding features detected in both images, but their descriptors arn’t fit.
Interesting, upright, not oriented descriptors give little different picture – some new correspondences found, some lost.
Nokia N95 SURF

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