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  1. Dear Sergey Ten,

    I would like to start by thanking you for sharing the work you have put in the SMMT library under an open source license.

    I downloaded the library some weeks ago and started experimenting with the example. As part of my university project, I am building an AR application that runs on Nokia N95 that needs to detect 3 different markers and display the related model with the marker. In relation to this, I would like to ask you the following questions:

    1. What program can i use and in what format should i export my 3D models? In other words, how do I export a 3D model in a format that OpenGL ES can then load it from?

    2. How can I use three of the 6 markers you provided to render each 3D model? I need to use 3 markers in total, where each marker should be displaying a different 3D model.

    I would also like to show my appreciation for the interesting articles you put on the mirror2images blog.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    Aaron Buhagiar

    Comment by Aaron Buhagiar | 24, March, 2010

  2. Hello,
    I am a student doing my MS. Stumbled upon your work while looking for works on MSER based image registration. My question is after having extracted the MSER how do you track the features? Having obtained the extremal region and the seed of the level set. What features of the region are used to track? And how do you solve for the affine transformation the base image has gone through?

    It will be great help if you could point me in the right direction.
    Thanking you sincerely

    Comment by Vijay C S | 11, January, 2012

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