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Is Ouidoo a rebranded Zii Egg?

There ii some buzz on the net about a new smartphone specifically designed for augmented reality – Ouidoo. Some of the specs of the device sound outlandish – 26 CPUs, 8 GFLOPS and a new OS.
However one commenter on the cn.engadged.com pointed out that this device could actually be real – it specs resemble that of the new Creative Zii Egg OEM platform, which seems available for developers now. Zii Egg feature a new OS -“Plasma OS”, but also support Android. So what’s the deal with 26 CPUs?
Those are not general-propose CPUs of cause, but Zii Egg have some kind of vector processor (like in Cell processor or modern GPUs, some high-end smartphones also have it) with 24 floating point units. Add to this CPU itself – ARM Coretx8 and possibly dedicated GPU and you have 24+1+1 = 26. Also specs claimed by Creative for Zii Egg floating point vector processor – 8 GFLOPS are exactly those clamied by QderoPateo for Ouidoo.


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