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Symbian AR: N95 still the king of the hill

New Nokia 5800 is looking good, but if rumored specs are correct it still can not beat N95 (or N82 and other OMAP 2420 phones)
Nokia 5800 is rumored having Freescale i.MX31 369 Mhz CPU, vs Nokia N95 TI OMAP 2420 330 Mhz CPU.
Both have floating point (VFP), but only N95 have 3d accelerator, which would more then compensate for slightly slower CPU.
Nokia 5800 high resolution screen actually play against it in 3d applications. High resolution screen require more processing power for 3d rendering, which combined with lack of 3d acceleration can slow down 5800 considerably.
Touchscreen is interesting thing by itself, but not easy to integrate with AR from usability point of view. So N95 still win. IMHO.


15, November, 2008 Posted by | Augmented Reality, Mobile, Nokia N95, Symbian | , , , , | 3 Comments