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Nintendo DSi and Augmented Reality revisited

Returning to my old post about DSi and AR, it’s known now that main DSi CPU is 132 Mhz. That is marginally acceptable for markers based AR games. What kind of performance can be achieved for DSi ?
Here is my old Nokia 6600 demo which run at 107Mhz CPU phone. With DSi 133Mhz CPU+second 33Mhz CPU I’d estimate the same game can run on DSi at 8-10 fps. That’s is not a stellar, but nevertheless playable frame rate. Could be faster with some aggressive optimization or simplifications.


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Nintendo DSi and Augmented Reality

It seems Nintendo DSi could be a good platform for AR. It already include video-processing AR-like tools, which have color or texture segmentation and some feature detection, though feature detection doesn’t seem especially stable, as could be seen on this video.
Most interesting thing though is DSi new CPU. bunniestudios.com report: “I can tell the CPU is substantially beefed up (consistent with reports of the DSi battery life being shorter than the DS-lite, despite having similar battery capacities…)” If DSi really have around 300Mhz CPU you can expect about the same performance as Nokia N95 for image registration. So my AR demos would have little quality loss for DSi comparing with N95. Lack of 3d accelerator for DSi would hurt of cause.

PS Nintendo DSi and Augmented Reality revisited

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