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New laptop, new Ubuntu

Got myself new and shiny Asus u35jc-a1 and started dual boot Ubuntu on it. I have ubuntu as wubi(ubuntu in windows file) on my old desktop replacement Dell XPS, so I started with wubi for u35jc too. Wubi worked from the start, wifi card works without problem. However NVIDIA completely screwed up hybrid driver for Linux(there are 2 vidoecards on u35jc, one integrated and other NVIDIA), it’s completely unusable, so NVIDIA driver should be disabled. Happily there are detailed instructions on ubuntuforums. They are for 10.4, but work for 10.10 too. Suspend was not working quite stable though, even after fix from ubuntuforums. It’s tricky – suspension require turing NVIDIA driver on and off.. Suspend was working for AC power, but suspend on battery power caused system hang someteimes. I proceed to multituch fix from the list. Multituch fix require creation or modification of xorg.conf, wich require stopping X. Stopping X caused crush which permanently killed Ubuntu wubi install. That was quite scary, so I decided to forgo wubi and make complete ubuntu intallation into partition.
Installation was not completely smooth. Probably because of some quirks of initial Asus partition, ubuntu installer refused to create any partition but first in the free space. After creation of the first boot partition remaining free disk space become unusable. So I forgo swap partition and installed ubuntu into single / partition. After that I implemented only acpi_call and suspend fixes. Suspend now works like charm, both for AC and battery. Multitach fix I put aside for now – it’s not critical. It seems all the problem, necessity of separate suspend fix, problems with wubi and stopping X were caused by NVIDA driver. Hope NVIDIA will fix it eventually – I want to play with GPGPU without going into Windows boot.

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